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Final report of the latest OTKA project that I led:
“Study of the Chemical Processes of Biomass Utilization”

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Summary of the citation data and related information from the CV:

●   Author/coauthor of 109 English language research papers (see the list).

●   The Scopus database shows ca. 4600 independent citations till 9 January 2018. (see a screenshot.)    Google Scholar collected a total of ca. 7000 citations, as shown here.

●   An article [Várhegyi et al, 1997] is currently the fourth by the number of citations in the Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis  (an Elsevier journal) as shown by Scopus. (See the top of this list here).

●   An article [Antal and Várhegyi, 1995] is presently the 14th by the number of citations in the Industrial & Engineering Chemistry  (a journal of the American Chemical Society) as shown by Scopus.  (See the top of this list here).

(Last update: 10 January 2018.)

Appendix: a folder containing 39 of the papers published in the last 25 years
(freely downloadable manuscript versions, see their listing with links above)