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Final report of the latest OTKA project that I led:
“Study of the Chemical Processes of Biomass Utilization”

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Summary of the citation data and related information from the CV:

●   Author/coauthor of 105 English language research papers (see the list).

●   The Hungarian National Scientific Bibliography(MTMT) shows 4469 independent citations till 9 January 2017. (Google Scholar collected ca. 6200 citations, as shown here.)

●   An article [Várhegyi et al, 1997] is presently the third by the number of citations in the Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis  (an Elsevier journal) as shown by the Web of Science.  (See the top of this list here).

●   A paper [Antal and Várhegyi, 1995] appeared among the most cited articles of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry (a journal of the American Chemical Society) on an all-time basis from June 2008 till April 2012.  (It is still the 14th by citations according to the Web of Science.  See the most cited papers in this journal by Web of Science here.)

●   An article [Várhegyi et al, 2011] was among the most read articles of Energy & Fuels (a journal of the American Chemical Society) in 2011 on a yearly basis, as shown here.

(Last update: 9 January 2017.)

Appendix: 32 from the papers published in the last 25 years here (freely downloadable manuscript versions)