CV of Gábor Várhegyi

Personal Information

     Place and date of birth: Budapest , 1947

     Married, two grown-up children


     Eper u 2/A Budapest, Hungary 1112
Phone: +36 1 2461894, Cell phone: +36 30 4153243


     1994: Doct. Habil., Budapest University of Technology and Economics

     1992: Doctor of Chemical Science (D.Sc.), Hungarian Academy of Sciences

     1980: Candidate of Chemical Science (C.Sc.), Hungarian Academy of Sciences (recognized as PhD by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

     1973: Doctoral degree, Loránd Eötvös University of Sciences, Budapest

     1970: M.Sc. in Chemistry, Loránd Eötvös University of Sciences, Budapest


     1 July 2013 – Independent scientist

     1 July 2013 – External advisor of the Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.  Earlier positions in this Institute and its predecessors: Head of the Group of Thermal Reaction Studies (2008-2013);  Head of Department of Environmental Chemistry (1999-2007); Head of Department of Thermal Analysis (1998); Head of Department of Macromolecular Chemistry (1996-1997); Scientific adviser (1992-1995), Senior researcher (1980-1992); Researcher (1973 - 1979)


     2014-2017: Participant in Norwegian project Enabling the biocarbon value chain for energy (BioCarb+, )

     2008-2012: Project Manager of a Hungarian OTKA research project entitled "Study of the Chemical Processes of Biomass Utilization".  (See the Final Report here)

     2005-2007: Project Manager of the Hungarian team in a LIFE project of the European Union entitled "Biochar based co-generation alternative" (Acronym: BioCoAl, contact number: LIFE05 ENV/IT/00801)

     1995-2005: Project Manager in Hungarian research projects on biomass and other fuels.

     1993-1996: Project Manager of the Hungarian team in a JOULE II project of the European Union ("Fuel reactivity and release of pollutants and alkali vapours in pressurized solid fuel combustion for combined cycle power generation", JOU2CT920037)

     1990-1997: Principal Investigator in two consecutive US - Hungarian Science and Technology Joint Fund grants on biomass research (1990-1997)

Main Research Topics

     Thermal decomposition and gasification/combustion properties of biomass materials and other solid fuels

     Reaction kinetic evaluation of experiments at arbitrary temperature - time functions assuming complex mechanism schemes

     Developing software for reaction kinetic evaluation, computer control, data acquisition and data processing of measurement systems

Experience Abroad

     2005 – : Visits at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim and at the SINTEF Energy Research, Trondheim.  Subject: biomass research and teaching on PhD courses.

     2007-2009: Visits at the China University of Petroleum. Subject: biomass research. (Guest professor title: 2009-2014).

     1987 - 2000: Visits at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute of the University of Hawaii, USA. Subject: Charcoal formation from biomass materials (18 months combined)

     1996: Visiting scientist at the National Institute for Resources and Environment, Japan. Subject: Thermochemical conversion of biomass materials (2 months)

     1973 - 1974: Postdoctoral research scholarship at the École Polytechnique, Paris, France. Subject: thermodynamics (6 months)


     President of the Working Committee for Thermal Analysis of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

     Member of the National Committee of The Combustion Institute

Publications (data of 9 January 2017)

     Author/coauthor of 105 English language research papers (see the list).

     The Hungarian National Scientific Bibliography (MTMT) lists 4469 independent citations.

This database contains citation data both from Web of Science and Scopus.  The data relevant for Gábor Várhegyi can be found in Hungarian at address
(by clicking on link “Táblázat: Összefoglaló” in the upper-left corner of this page).

(See also the Appendix at the end of this document.)

     An article [Várhegyi et al, 1997] is presently the third by the number of citations in the Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis  (an Elsevier journal) as shown by the Web of Science.  (See the top of this list here).

     A paper [Antal and Várhegyi, 1995] appeared among the most cited articles of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry (a journal of the American Chemical Society) on an all-time basis from June 2008 till April 2012.  (It is still the 14th by citations according to the Web of Science.  See the most cited papers in this journal by Web of Sciences here.)

     An article [Várhegyi et al, 2011] was among the most read articles of Energy & Fuels (a journal of the American Chemical Society) in 2011 on a yearly basis, as shown here.


An Appendix to the Publications: The data of by 15 best-cited works by Elsevier’s Scopus database are listed below, as recovered on 9 January 2017.  Scopus was set to show only the independent citations (i.e. to exclude the “self-citations” from the data).

The independent citations of 15 selected papers are listed in yearly distribution.  Column “Subtotal” contains the sum of the independent citations since 2013. The first row covers all the 91 publications of which the citations are surveyed by Scopus. Its last value, 4165, is sum of the independent citations for these 91 papers..