A journey to Tiszakarád


I started the journey at Sátoraljaújhely which is a town ca. 20 miles from Tiszakarád.  The 1st and 2nd photos show its old Jewish cemetery in the evening, at moon-light.  (The man in the 2nd Sátoraljaújhely photo is the caretaker, a retired doctor, who helps me in my searches.)

In the village of Tiszakarad I took pictures on the few old houses, wishing to catch the atmosphere of the time when our great-grandparents lived there.  The two starting pictures, however, belong to the modern times:  sunflower was not so widespread in the 19th century and the welcome plate at the entrance of the village is obviously quite new.

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On my way back I stopped in the village Mád which is ca. 40 miles from Tiszakarád.  Around 600 Jews lived here in the past, most of them worked in vineyards.  This village has a nice, late-baroque synagogue.  Its recent restoration received an international architecture-price, the Europa Nostra award.  The Jewish cemetery is also beautiful and includes many 200-year old tombstones.  In the past famous rabbis ("wonder-rabbis") lived in Mád.  Orthodox pilgrims from the US and Israel visit regularly their graves and put on written wishes, as shown in the photos.

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Later in the evening I had a look on the old Jewish cemetery of Eger which is half way between Budapest and Tiszakarád.   (I visited graves there that belong to another branch of my family.)  Next day I visited the 20th century Pesterzsébet cemetery.  The Láncz grave is in the middle of the 1st Peterzsébet photo.

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